Ductless Air Conditioning

Ductless Air Conditioning Could Be Your Best Choice

Ductless Air Conditioning is gaining popularity in Duluth and with good reason. They offer a straightforward and easy way to add Air Conditioning to any home quickly and easily.

Is every room in your home a comfortable room? If you’re like most home owners you probably have a problem room somewhere. You know, the room that is chronically too hot or too cold. You could use a space heater or window air conditioners, but there is a better solution.

Save money with ductless cooling. A ductless heat pump also referred to as a ductless mini split system offers super high efficiencies. Many home owners report saving up to 50% on their utility bill.

Easy to install. Adding air conditioning is easy with a ductless mini split because there is not duct work to address. They're the perfect solution any time you need to cool a specific area or your whole house. 

Some areas of your home get used more than others. Ductless mini splits are great for cooling or heating single rooms that don’t get used with the same frequency as your main living space. Instead of cranking your thermostat up or down to reach every area of your home, a ductless system can be used to heat or cool those spaces as they are not occupied. Consider a ductless mini split when:

    • Converting an attic into living space
    • Converting a garage into living space
    • You have a sunroom that you’d like to have livable space in the winter
    • You have hot or cold spots in your home
    • You have a guest room or rec room that is rarely occupied
    • You’re planning on a remodeling project
    • You are starting a home addition

Get 2-in-1 Functionality – Enjoy year round comfort with a ductless system, one unit can both heat and cool your home. These ductless cooling and heating systems have two main components: an indoor unit that is mounted either on a wall or ceiling and an outdoor unit that houses the condenser. The two components are connected by a small conduit rather than ductwork, and offer cooling and heating in one system, which makes these units easier to install and far more efficient than window ACs or space heaters

Ductless Air Conditioning is easy to install. We’re just a phone call away. Find out if going ductless is right for you. We’ll provide a FREE consultation to evaluate your needs.


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